We have asked 20 questions to a series of people who have i n common a connection with Solborg. Our Icelandic student, Rebekka Rós Sigurgeirsdóttir has responded to 18 of them. Originally she comes from the remote North West of Iceland, but chose Stavanger before Reykjavik, and her hope is to make a career for herself in Norway.

1. Describe yourself in five words
Cheerful, compassionate, creative, independent and an ambivert.

2. What are the three best things with Stavanger? 
Even though it is a big place, there aren’t too many people here. 
It is a beautiful city and I have relatives here so that makes this place even more special.

3. Tea or Coffee?
Ooh thats a really hard question!, even though I drink more tea I have to go with coffee.

4. You suddenly get a night off. What do you do?
I would either go visit my aunt and spend some time with her, go chill with some friends or relax in my room and watch Netflix.

5. The latest movie you saw at a cinema?
I went to see Star Wars: “The Rise of Skywalker” with my sister back in Iceland.

6. Who do you call if you have news to tell?
My mom, always. 

7. Du you have a morning routine?
If brushing my teeth and getting dressed is a morning routine then yes I do.

8. What makes you cry?
I mostly cry happy tears from cute videos and happy moments, I would say I do that way more than cry sad tears. 

9. The best book you’ve read? 
“The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck” by Mark Manson.

10. Where is the nicest place you’ve ever visited? 
Ólafsvík when the sun sets. The whole sky turns pink, its so beautiful.

11. What is your preferred supper (at Solborg)?
I bring my own pesto or oatly cream cheese.

12. What will you be doing in ten years? 
I will be working as a tattoo artist and hopefully open my own tattoo shop. I see myself living in Norway for the long run so I will have my own apartment/house somewhere in Norway.

13. If you were to chose another course at Solborg, what would it be?

I would go to Film. I have always been very interested in photography and video photography. I’d like to do that more in my spare time

14. Do you have any hidden talents?
I really like to sing but I´m not saying I´m good at it haha.

15. What do you sing in the shower?

«Rocket Man» or just any song by Elton John.

16. What would you tell Erna if you met her? 
Erna who?…

17. Are you a bingewatcher? 
Oh yes, 100%.

18. Finally one question we just have to ask: What’s your best Solborg experience?

The best thing I take from my stay in Solborg is the friends I’ve made. I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t have them in my life.

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